Following payment methods are possible:
- Cash on delivery made by the currier (Slovenian Post) – not applicable for abroad customers.
Cash in advance on our bank account, Halas, d.o.o.
IBAN SI56 0203 3001 8959 526                    
(NLB d.d., Ljubljana)
Payment with Credit/Debit cards is currently not available.
All prices are in EUR currency and are including VAT unless stated otherwise. Prices are valid on the date and time of conclusion of Contract, when customer receives order confirmation. In case when price of product might change during order processing, customer will be notified immediately.
Conclusion of the Contract

Purchase contract is binding for customer when purchase order is submitted and concluded after Halas, d.o.o. dispatches the goods. Contract (purchase order) is sent to customer by e-mail in electronic version to e-mail address stated on purchase order. Halas d.o.o. reserves right to contact customer to confirm order. Copy of purchase order is kept on server or sent to archive. Whenever customer requests purchase order it is available in electronic version or hard copy. When purchase order is concluded and goods are dispatched, every shipments has detailed invoice attached. Customer is notified by e-mail about the dispatching goods to delivery.


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